When it comes to our containers, there’s a lot more than meets the eye, these High-Tec containers are designed specifically to be able to handle the enormous heat load that is generated by the Mining technology within, not to mention they’re also designed to withstand the harshest of elements that mother nature can throw at them.

These are Versatile, Modular, Climate Controlled Mining Containers, which is why we’ve reached an exclusive distribution agreement with the manufacturer.

Our Operating System

Our operating system is the best in the market, its something to be proud of! We have an incredible amount of features which are as follows:


REM MMSs are designed to reduce effort on your side to a minimum. We deliver the containers on-site, you simply need to make sure sufficient power is available at the electric parameters specified.

German Quality

With REM you deal with a German partner, a stable legal system, established accounting links between Germany and the US plus the world-famous German hardware and technology quality.

Remote Management

REM takes care of all maintenance, monitoring and optimization tasks – remotely plus (e.g. exchange of air filters) on-site with partner companies. You get all out of one-hand instead of having to deal with multiple suppliers. You might take care of the maintenance & management by yourself, however, we do only recommend that at a later stage after proper training by our staff.

Upwards Compatibility

REM MMSs are able to host any other remote computing processing hardware, this makes sure that as crypto mining becomes less profitable in the years to come there is always a backup option to keep the MMSs running, generating revenue.

Most Efficient Cooling System

REM’s patented cooling system is uniquely designed to cool the miners at minimum cost, resulting in a PUE of 1,02-1,08 only (better than Google’s data centres). We use standard components to assure maximum stability and efficiency. The cooling system is 100% passive. Less than 2-3% of total energy consumption is used for the cooling (depending on climate). Our containers can operate in literally all climate zones.

Rem Proprietary Firmware

REM cooperate with the world’s leading miner firmware developers. Our firmware makes sure that there is no bypass/take out of capacity or mining rewards. It also guarantees maximum efficiency, typically 15-20% above industry standards.

Minimum IT Requirements

All the MMS’s need is a standard WIFI/LAN bandwidth (10 MBit/s already is enough) or a stable cellular coverage at a 3G minimum.